Head to the Fitness Center from December 13-24 for daily challenges like "Fastest to 50 Burpees," "Longest Wall Sit" and "Max Push-ups." If you win the day, you win a prize!


Dec. 13: Max. Push-ups

Dec. 14: 2-Minute Max. Sit-ups

Dec. 15: Longest Plank Contest

Dec. 16: Most Alternating Lunges in 1 Min.

Dec. 17: Fastest to 50 Burpees

Dec. 18: Fastest 1,000 Meter Row

Dec. 19: 2-Minute Max. Body Weight Squats

Dec. 20: Longest Distance Run

Dec. 21: Fastest 1,000 Meter Ski Erg

Dec. 22: Longest Wall Sit

Dec. 23: Fastest 1 Mile Run

Dec. 24: 2-Minute Max. Jump Rope


See a Fitness Specialist to complete and log challenges.